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The Tree of Life: Meditations, Prayers and Practices of Mystical Judaism
(6 session, 90 min. each, in MP3 audio format)

Two trees stood in the Garden of Eden – the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. We received the gift of our linear rational mind from the Tree of Knowledge. From the Tree of Life we are blessed with the most sublime fruits: love of God, spiritual instructions, and direct connection with the Divine. On The Tree of Life, Rabbi David Zeller delves deeply into Judaism’s mystical teachings to uncover this unique vision that makes God accessible to each of us. He shares treasured wisdom on how you can bring your mind and heart to God, open your life to divine guidance, and achieve the higher purpose you are here for. Join this esteemed scholar and instructor to discover:

• Meditation and prayer – Techniques for divine connection and personal transformation
• Scriptural treasures – Uncovering the hidden layers of meaning in Judaism’s sacred writings
• Sacred practice – Enriching your experience of ritual holidays and daily observances

From how Abraham and Mordechai reached God through contemplation, to the transcendental insights of the Kabbalistic masters, to the devotional tales of the Hasidim’s greatest rebbes, The Tree of Life offers the sweetest fruit of a spiritual tradition that has revealed the light of God to a world struggling to emerge from darkness.

Each topic is framed with a short song, a story, a teaching, and a meditative practice.

contains 9 hours of audio, divided into session and chapters for easy playing on ipod, computer, DVD player, MP3 player and modern stereo systems.
Includes study guide.

Price: $48.80

Special upgrade offer for owners of old "The Tree of Life" tapes: $29.90!
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Listen to the first chapter
of the first session:

Asking the Holy Questions: reflections on Passover, Peace, and Freedom (25 min. DVD)

On this inspiring video, Rabbi David Zeller teaches how asking questions is essential to Judaism; How the four sons from the Haggadah may be interpreted in a totally different way; And how to make the world a better place for all human beings. Also featuring Rabbi Stan Levy, founder and spiritual leader of B'nai Horin.

Filmed on the third annual "Interfaith Seder" in Jerusalem, back in 1995. Edited and produced by Rabbi Ruth Broyde-Sharone, www.filmsthatmatter.com.

A great preparation for Pesach, the festival of freedom.

Price: $18 including S&H

watch a short teaching from this DVD

Stories of Rebbe Nachman (2 tape set)
Includes brief songs of Breslov - $20

Tapes are not currently available. We're working on a CD version. Stay tuned!

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